All CDR forms can be obtained from a CDR (MEIBC) regional office or the Centre for Dispute Resolution in Johannesburg.  Otherwise, the forms can be downloaded from the links below. The forms are in PDF format.

Referral Form 
This form must be filled out by the person who wishes to refer the dispute to the CDR. All the sections on the referral form must be completed, and proof attached that a copy has been served on the other party. Download form.

Condonation Application Form 
The application for condonation is attached to the referral form as annexure A.

Pre-Dismissal Arbitration Form 
Download Form.

Subpoena Form 
The subpoena form needs to be completed if a party needs a witness or documents subpoenaed. A motivation needs to be attached to the subpoena form. Download form

Application for Referral to Labour Court
If a party to a dispute, which the CDR has jurisdiction to arbitrate, wishes the matter to go to the Labour Court, an application to refer a case to the Labour Court must be completed. This application is in terms of section 191(6) of the Labour Relations Act, and must include a motivation for such a referral.