Section 52 of the Labour Relations Act no 66 of 1995 (the LRA) gives the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (the CCMA) the powers to accredit bargaining councils to conduct dispute resolution functions. Accordingly, the Metal and Engineering Industries Bargaining Council (the MEIBC) has been duly accredited to render this service to the parties that operate within the scope of the MEIBC. The Council has seven (7) regional and two (2) satellite offices nationally and all these offices have a Centre for Dispute Resolution (the CDR).


If you are an employee in dispute with your employer, or vice versa, over a matter such as-

  • alleged unfair dismissal disputes (see section 191);
  • alleged unfair labour practice disputes (see item 2 in Schedule 7).
  • disputes about the interpretation or application of the provisions of Chapter II (see section 9);
  • disputes that form the subject matter of a proposed strike or lock-out (see section 64(1));
  • disputes in essential services (see section 74);
  • disputes about severance pay (see section 196); and
  • Pre-dismissal arbitrations.

you may want to approach the CDR to conciliate or even arbitrate your dispute. A union or employer's organization may also initiate this action. You do not need the other party's consent before taking a matter to the CDR.


Who can use the CDR?
Both parties and non-parties to the MEIBC, as long as they fall within the registered scope of the MEIBC can use the CDR. The CDR provides impartial dispute resolution services and therefore attendance by lawyers or labour consultants is not necessary.


Where is the CDR?
The MEIBC has regional offices nationally in major cities where there are dedicated CDR offices. Referrals MUST be referred to the Regional Office where the dispute arose.


Click here for the MEIBC regional offices for the CDR. Where there is no agent, commissioner or case management officer listed, please contact the regional manager.