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It is a legal requirement in terms of the Labour Relations Act that every employer active in the metal and engineering industries must register with the MEIBC.

  • Administration levy
  • Dispute resolution levy
  • Collective bargaining levy (applicable to employers and employees who are not affiliated to one of the party employer associations or party trade unions)

The levies fund the council’s the broad range of services that it provides to the industry, such as registering firms, carrying out compliance visits and handling complaints and queries.

No. Employers and employees are entitled to exercise the rights of choice whether or not to join a trade union or employer association, as set out in Sections 4&6 of the Labour Relations Act.

The collective bargaining levy is the contribution by non-party employers and non-party employees to cover the costs incurred during negotiations.

The minimum rates of pay are contained in the collective main agreement for employees regulated by that regime, or plant level agreements registered with the MEIBC. Click here to view the complete wage schedules.

From Monday to 24h00 on Saturday – at 1.5 times the ordinary hourly rate

Double the ordinary hourly rate of pay other than, the applicable rates negotiated at plant level for work performed on Sundays forming ordinary working shifts.( a copy of which agreement is lodged with the council)

The ordinary hours of that working day, plus 1.33 times the ordinary hourly rate for the time worked and 2.5 times the ordinary hourly rate for time in excess of the ordinary hours of that day. Provided that, where a public holiday is required to be worked in a continuous process, similar arrangements as above would need to be agreed and lodged with the council.

Generally from 1 July each year (unless promulgated differently by the Minister.)